If you have had, or are about to have a baby, congratulations!
We would love to talk to you about your child’s baptism – sometimes called a christening. Or if you prefer, we can discuss a simple form of thanksgiving prayers (where we don’t ask you to make any promises about being part of the Church).

If you, or an older child would like to explore being baptised or confirmed, we’d love to talk to you too!

Our system for arranging a baptism is that the we will ask you to make an appointment to see one of our clergy, who will then discuss and explain Baptism or Thanksgiving service to you and book a potential date.
Then we give you an application form and ask that you attend one of our church services (go to worship for details) for at least 8 weeks. Once your application form is complete please return it to the Parish Office or one of the clergy team so that we can ensure that the certificates can be written out ready.

Preparation for Confirmation/Adult Baptism takes place at intervals during the year, and we can talk to you further about that as well. Please contact us to make an appointment